August 1, 2014

0 FAN EXPO Canada™ Announces 2014 Programming Line-Up

Taking over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre August 28 to 31, FAN EXPO Canada™, the all-ages, pop culture extravaganza will welcome fans to geek out over comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming. This year, fans can also enjoy the many attractions it has to offer including everything from a Darth Vader Roast to a special event with the cast of Doctor Who.

I have previously shared with this year's Celebrity Line-up, which looks rather exciting. This year's programming is looking just as fun and exciting. Here are some highlights:

The 1966 Tv Batmobile
The original Batmobile debuted on January 12, 1966. Now fans can see a full-size, George Barris design replica of the Batmobile that is still one of the most iconic and popular cars in the world!

Star Gazing
Get up close and personal with your fave celebrities. Whether getting something autographed, their photo snapped or asking a question at one of the special Q&As, fans always have a chance to interact with some of their celebrity idols.

Steampunk is the fastest growing sector of sci-fi culture! Learn how to make a steampunk costume, the gadgets to accessorize it and become an expert in the art of pistol, parasol and tea dueling!

Cosplay Masquerade
This exciting event is the largest of its kind in Canada and features creative fans showcasing original costumes from caped-crusaders to hot anime characters. Be awed as a spectator or strut your stuff on stage.
'Artist Alley'
Photo: HyeM
Artist Alley
Indie meets pro in this special area where fans will find all of their fave pencillers, inkers and writers. This is one of my personal favourites, as I have friends who are comic book artists, whom I get to support and have fun at the expo with. This is a "must experience area" for anyone interested in meeting rising stars who work the front lines of the industry. From comics, graphic novels, limited edition prints and best of all, original art and sketches!


1st Annual Superhero Ball – Fri. Aug. 29 @ 7pm
The Fairmont Royal York will set the stage for a night of celebrities, super heroes and costumes! All in support of SickKids Foundation and Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. Juno Award-winning artist, Lights. Hosted by CBC's Q, Jian Ghomeshi.

Cast Of Doctor Who Special Event – Sat. Aug. 30 @ 6pm
Matt Smith is bringing some companions to a Doctor Who cast special ticketed event! Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill join the 11th Doctor at FAN EXPO Canada™.

The Roast Of Darth Vader – Sat. Aug. 30 @ 7pm 
Empire Comedy Live and FAN EXPO Canada™ present The Roast of Darth Vader. Comedians Greg Proops, Sean Cullen, Darrin Rose and more take turns skewering the big daddy of the dark side.

I'd say all of these highlights are sounding rather nerdtastic, yes? You can find the complete list of programming, guests, info and tickets at Time to start planning!

July 30, 2014

0 SummerWorks 2014: My Theatre Picks

As I shared earlier in June, SummerWorks Performance Festival returns for another year with a lineup of very exciting performances and performers. The festival will run from August 7th to 17th at various venues across Toronto.

The theatre lineup this year is rather interesting and I have compiled my picks for you here. I have tried to include shows with a variety of themes. In alphabetical order, I suggest...

Photo: SummerWorks
Animal Pharmacy: A Medicine Show
The Great Hall - Aug 11th ONLY

Synopsis: A musical comedy satire of the pharmaceutical industry in the style of an old-time medicine show, Animal Pharmacy follows snakeoil salesman Doc Holiday as he cons his way into the CEO chair of the RX Pharmaceutical Corporation in order to unleash his patented Miracle Cure on a sad and unsuspecting world.

My thoughts: I read on the show's Facebook Event Page that this "event also marks the release of Greg Janssen Sings The Songs From Animal Pharmacy And Other Popular Favourites, featuring 11 original compositions from the show as performed and produced by the author." Given that Janssen is a local Toronto artist, and I've liked what I've heard of his music, I think this will be an interesting musical show.

Photo: SummerWorks

Theatre Centre Mainspace - Aug 7th to 17th

Synopsis: Anne Carson’s unconventional take on Sophocles’s Antigone reimagines a sister’s unlawful act of mourning, its horrific costs and the questions of moral responsibility it raises.

My thoughts: The company's website described this show as "[t]his is Greek tragedy smeared with red paint, tangled up in yarn, and permeated by live-handmade projections." This sounds rather curious, and being someone who likes Greek tragedies, I think this is worth exploring.

El Jinete...
Photo: SummerWorks
El Jinete – A Mariachi Opera
Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace - Aug 8th to 16th

Synopsis: Featuring Mariachi Los Dorados, El Jinete is a tale of love, vengeance and the supernatural, told through classics of the Mariachi repertoire. Inspired by the Golden Era of Mexican cinema, the show uses multi-layered projections to make it a black and white film come to life.

My thoughts: The idea of a show incorporating mariachi music is the main reason I've picked this. However, I know some of the films from the Golden Era of Mexican cinema and that makes this show even more appealing. Plus, I also like Puente Theatre's idea they are trying "to use theatrical experience as a bridge between cultures."

Photo: SummerWorks
Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace - Aug 7th to 17th

Synopsis: One crumbling estate. Two embattled Sisters. A devoted maid. A handsome stable boy. An enigmatic doctor. A meddlesome neighbour. A terrifying thunderstorm. An escaped psychopath. One survivor. GASH! is a faithful, outrageous celebration of the Hag Horror films (see: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?) of the sixties and early seventies.

My thoughts: I am a fan of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and that type of psychological thrillers from the 60's and 70's; how could I pass up the opportunity to see something similar on-stage? I am hoping for some creepy moments.

Kafka's Ape
The Gladstone Hotel - Aug 7th to 17th

Synopsis: Based on Franz Kafka's short story A Report to an Academy (1917), and adapted by director Guy Sprung from the original German, Kafka's Ape upends the notion of civilization and what it means to be human in a world of routinized inhumanity.

My thoughts: I do not know all of Kafka's works but what I do know, I like. He has a certain way with words and often makes an interesting commentary on people/society. Besides, who doesn't like a good satirical piece? I know I do. I will be attending a preview of this show in the next few days. Please come back to find out what I think of the production.

Maracatu You!
The Theatre Centre Mainspace - Aug 9th to 17th

Synopsis: Led by Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Aline Morales and created by critically acclaimed actor Suzanne Roberts Smith, this multi-disciplinary piece showcases the sounds of Maracatu and illuminates the integrity of its musical migration journey by honouring both its Afro-Brazilian roots and the contemporary narratives of the people playing it in Toronto today. Maracatu You! is an investigation in displacement, replacement, and finding ‘home’ in the most unlikely of places.

My thoughts: Being someone who has made Toronto 'home' for the past 20-something years. This piece appeals to me. Not only because of its musical aspect, but also because our notion of what 'home' is encompasses a myriad of factors and people. I also love the sounds of the drums; this one should be both fun and interesting.

Photo: Alamade Theatre Co.
Paradise Red
Lower Ossington Theatre Mainspace - Aug 7th to 17th

Synopsis: Set as a black and white Latin American soap opera, Paradise Red takes place in the days of Chile’s dictatorship in the 1970s, where a powerful military family has run amok.

My thoughts: Telenovelas (a.ka. Latin American soap operas) are widely known throughout the world. The melodrama often used in them will surely complement the nature of the story in this production. For some, the story will resonate and be rather familiar. For others, the story will perhaps open the door to understanding the nature of familial and political conflicts that forms part of Latin American culture.

d'bi young
Photo: Wade Hudson
The Theatre Centre Incubator - Aug 16th ONLY

Synopsis: Dave and Madly are hopelessly in love with being hopelessly in love. Dave, the drug and sex addicted fraudster & Madly, the bulimic and klepto chef, have become needy and selfish. Enter the spark that ignites the flame- Rochelle, the transgender crack addict who is fighting to clean up when she falls addicted to fear. When... Madly dubiously announces she’s pregnant, Dave careens into Rochelle and the two begin the most enveloping love affair since cocaine met baking soda.

My thoughts: This is a work-in-progress piece, and it will be the first reading of this new work by Cliff Cardinal. I first saw Cardinal's work at SummerWorks a couple of years ago, and find it riveting. This piece also stars D'bi Young, another playwright/spokenword artist, I've come to admire over the years. This sounds like a challenging piece, but I am quite intrigued by it.

The Container
The Theatre Centre Backlot - Aug 7th to 17th

Synopsis: Five people thrown together by circumstance and necessity travel across Europe in a shipping container... When the doors of the container shut behind you, let your eyes adjust as you meet five complex individuals: Fatima, Asha, Jemal, Ahmad and Mariam. We meet them on the final leg of their journey, travelling across Europe in the confined space of a shipping container. The only thing they have in common is their goal: to get to England and start a new life.

My thoughts: This is an immersive type of show, which I do not recommend to everyone. The audience members will be in a hot, confined space for 60minutes. However, I suggest this show if you are curious about immigrant issues, and knowing what drives people to leave their homes for a 'new life.' Not for the faint of heart nor mind, in my opinion.

The Majlis Art Garden - Aug 7th to 17th

Synopsis: This is a one-human show, performed in an urban rose garden...

My thoughts: I remember this show as part of the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival last year, got the postcard, but couldn't make it.  Seeing it listed as part of a site-specific show at SummerWorks, means we can experience a more evolved show. As well, it is staged in a garden... how lovely is that? I also read in Alex Eddington's (writer, composer, performer) website where he described the almost "1,000 instruments, props and yarns involved" in the show. I am certainly curious how this will unfold. I will also be attending a preview of this show, and will have more to say about it in the next few days.

Definitely curious about many of these shows. And there you have it, these are my theatre picks for SummerWorks. Vital information on shows, location, and box office information can be found at

Stay tuned for more of my picks from the Music Series and National Series in the next few days...

July 19, 2014

0 Beats, Breaks, Culture, And More At The 2014 UNITY Festival

The 6th Annual UNITY Festival takes over Toronto from  July 23 to 26, with some of the best hip-hop acts in the biz, with a wide line-up of break dancers, MCs/spoken word artists, beatboxers and bands including Maestro Fresh Wes, Biz Markie, Raz Fresco, Airplane Boys, Ball-Zee and many more.

The festival kicks off on Wednesday, July 23 with UNITY Beatbox at The Mod Club, in partnership with Beatbox Canada. Headlined by Ball-Zee, the 3rd annual beatbox competition will showcase Canada’s best beatboxers of all ages, from youth (aged 13-18) to professionals (19+).  I am always impressed by the skillz in takes in beatboxing. If you have not seen it done live, here is just a sample of Ball-Zee making it look so simple.

On Thursday, July 24, UNITY Break Dance will bring out North America’s top BBoys and BGirls for the 3 vs. 3 Under 19 Breakin’ Battle, headlined by Moy (Havikoro) at Tattoo. Moy has been a BBoy since the mid-90's, so you know he knows what breakin' is all about.

On Friday, July 25, in partnership with RISE, UNITY MC & Spoken Word will unify the two essential elements of hip-hop by bringing together Toronto youth MCs and spoken word artists under one roof at 918 Bathurst, headlined by Shaun Boothe, Amanda Seales, and Rudy Francisco.

The festival will end with a FREE show, presented by Tangerine, at Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday, July 26, featuring performances by UNITY Youth performers and headlined by some of the most sought-after hip-hop entertainers: Maestro Fresh Wes, Biz Markie, Raz Fresco, and Airplane Boys.
Piecez (Michael Prosserman) getting down...
Photo: Freedom Photography via UNITY Charity
The UNITY Festival is UNITY Charity’s annual showcase event presenting the most dedicated and talented youth performers from across Canada. Youth performers are recruited from UNITY’s school and community programs and open auditions from the community. Founded in 2007 by Michael Prosserman aka Bboy Piecez, one of Toronto’s most preeminent B-boys, UNITY has reached over 100,000 youth across Canada through its after-school program designed to teach positive self-expression through beatboxing, breakdancing, spoken word, poetry, graffiti, and more. You can read more about Prosserman from my interview with him last year.

With such an array of events throughout the four days, UNITY Festival offers a nice taste of hip-hop culture, while also promoting youth involvement and diversity. For full details on the festival, check out its website.

July 18, 2014

0 Poetry Corner: HyeM - Open Letter To My Mother(s)

Open Letter To My Mother(s)

Since childhood I've aimed to please you.
Not always easy to do.
And at times, you've been hard to read.
But I've never lacked your love.

Everyone of your sacrifices has not gone unnoticed.
Your tears are my reasons to persevere.
Your worries are my wishes to make others smile.

Your generosity of spirit exudes through me.
Because of you, I know empathy.
Because of you, I know what I want in life.

In all these years, I've wanted you to know
You have done well by me…
By all of us.
I owe you many "thank yous" and "I love yous".
But we're the quiet type, you and I.
We feel it and we know it.

Please be happy for me today.
Love me for who I am now.
Not the little girl I once was,
nor the woman you wish I were.
You have taught me well, and
I am content.

Photo: HyeM.

July 16, 2014

0 pUNK Film FEMMES LAB Collection Is Complete!

Following a fall festival tour for her latest feature film, The Animal Project, indie filmmaker and femme extraordinaire, Ingrid Veninger returned to Toronto with a desire to see more fiction features written and directed by Canadian women. On November 18th, 2013 she proposed the idea of a Screenwriting Lab, and received 20 submissions. To be eligible, applicants had to be Canadian, women, with at least one completed feature film.

“When I received the EDA Award for The Animal Project at the Whistler Film Festival from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists,” explains Ingrid, “I decided to take a chance at the podium. I offered a first look at the 6 scripts written in the Femmes Lab, to the first person who stepped up with $6000… The room was stone silent, until Melissa Leo stood up and shouted, “I’ll do it!”. Now, here we are! 6 months later. The bursary from Melissa was shared amongst the Lab participants. We met once a month from January – June. Each month was led by a different Femme.

On June 30th, the 6 scripts were delivered to Melissa Leo. On July 31st, the Femmes are driving to New York, to spend the day with Melissa. After that? Anything could happen.

Some of the filmmakers share about their experience with the pUNK FILMS FEMMES Lab process.

"Writing can be very lonely.  For hours you sit by yourself, staring into a computer screen, sculpting stories in your head. You hope that what comes out on the page will resonate with someone, someday.  For me, the Femmes Lab was like an island in the ocean. Each month I found myself back on land with five beautiful, talented, strong women. We offered support and encouragement to each other so that we could dive back into the lonely, ocean of creation and do it all over again.  It was bliss!" Michelle Latimer (ALIAS, CHOKE).

"Over the course of the six months of the lab, I felt myself transform. In my writing, but also in the rest of my life. I was suddenly standing up for myself more, and also standing up for my ideas. There was a communal strength that I felt when we came together as a group. It allowed me to push myself further and not be afraid to trust my sense of story. I have Ingrid’s vision to thank. I never imagined that bringing a group of women together once a month could create such tremendous impact." Mars Horodyski (BEN’S AT HOME).

"I have never experienced such a supportive and inspiring development process. The Femmes Lab has empowered me to reach deeper and to write the best screenplay of my career. I feel that my work has moved to the next level and I feel energized to tackle the film industry with new vigor. Ingrid Veninger and Melissa Leo - that you for making this possible." Danishka Esterhazy (H&G, BLACK FIELD).

With initiatives such as Veninger's Femmes Lab, and with the support of filmmakers like Melissa Leo, there is some reassurance that we can see more projects developed by women. The film industry can certainly show much improvement in this respect. Hooray to the Veninger, Leo, and the other 5 talented members of the Femmes Lab!!
Michelle Latimer (left) and Ingrid Veninger (right) 
*Photos courtesy of GAT PR.

July 15, 2014

0 Fan Expo Canada™ Announces 2014 Celebrity Guests

One of the largest pop culture events’s in the world returns to Toronto from August 28 to 31. FAN EXPO Canada™ will take over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming. As in previous years, this all-ages event will be packed with autographs, photo sessions and Q&A panels with celebrity guests, sketch duels, cosplay, workshops such as special effects/make-up, and retail and exhibitor areas offering rare comics and collectibles, as well as, the latest nerd-wear and tech-gear.

Yaya Han
Photo: Fan Expo Canada™ 
“This year’s celebrity line-up brings the most iconic names in film and TV together under one roof including living legends William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee, and Adam West," said FAN EXPO HQ President Steve Menzie. “This year will also add another level of fandom with a new generation of sub-culture royalty Stephen Amell, Ian Somerhalder, and pro-cosplayers and YouTube sensations like Yaya Han.”

For the first time in Canada Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee and Sherilynn Fenn from the critically acclaimed Twin Peaks will be in attendance. Fans can lose sleep over the man who has starred in their nightmares as the infamous Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) returns. He’s also bringing his victims Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and Lt. Thompson (John Saxon) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street. And guess what?! The Napoleon Dynamite cast will be there too. How fun does this sound so far?

Matt Smith
Photo: Fan Expo Canada™

Other FAN EXPO CANADA™ Celebrity Guests Include:

Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws)
Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly/Serenity)
Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead)
Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings)
Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead)
Dave Bautista – aka “Batista” (WWE, Guardians of the Galaxy)
Ray Park (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, X-Men, G.I. Joe)
Jessica Nigri, Meg Turney (Other Celebrity Cosplayers)
Matt Smith (Doctor Who)
Stephen Amell (Arrow)
Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries)

These are just the 'celebrities'; imagine all the other great guests that will be at Fan Expo Canada™ this year! The wekend-long event is always a treat to fans of all ages. This geekgirl here is super excited to see that Patrick Stewart, and Adam West will be in attendance. With four days to enjoy Fan Expo Canada™, I guarantee you will have a nerdtastic time.

Keep coming back for more updates and to see my picks of whom and what to see at Fan Expo Canada™.

In the meantime, for a complete list of guests, info and tickets, visit:

Fun At Fan Expo Canada™
Photo: HyeM.

July 14, 2014

0 Toronto Summer Music Festival: The Modern Age

The Toronto Summer Music Festival returns for another year with a theme on The Modern Age. The festival will feature 20 mainstage concerts by renowned Canadian and international artists including the Emerson String Quartet, Sondra Radvanovsky, Milos Karadaglic, and the Toronto Symphony, plus masterclasses, lectures, interviews, workshops and free outreach concerts from July 22 to August 12.

“The 2014 Festival celebrates the music of the early 20th century, a fascinating period of wildly diverging artistic currents,” says Artistic Director Douglas McNabney. “From the late romanticism of Strauss, Rachmaninoff and Vaughan Williams, to the iconoclasms of Prokofiev and Bartok, to the raucous modernism of Schoenberg, this year’s Festival explores the multifaceted musical offerings of the Modern Age. This compelling music was set against a backdrop of great change including the ascension of popular music fuelled by the emergence of a recording industry and new mediums for distribution, namely the radio and the phonograph.”  The 2014 Festival explores many of the influences and ideas of the time through both the concert programs and various Festival Insiders events.

To give you an idea of what this year's festival has to offer, here are a key points.

Festival Insider events are special behind-the-scenes offerings including interviews with artists, guest lectures, and masterclasses with featured guests.  These events take place Tuesdays through Fridays at 2pm in the Edward Johnson Building, University of Toronto.

Back by popular demand, OLG SHUFFLE Concerts take place at 5pm, Wednesdays through Fridays at Heliconian Hall.   Inspired by the Shuffle function on an iPod, these informal, eclectic one-movement performances are Pay What You Can and feature Festival Artists, special guests and next-generation emerging artists. Last year, I attended a couple of these concerts. They are a fabulous way to end a workday; especially, in such a lovely venue.

Free TSM Academy Concerts
These popular free concerts showcase gifted Toronto Summer Music Academy Fellows and guest artists. Performances are at 12pm on July 25, July 31, August 1 and August 7 at Heliconian Hall.

And some concerts that I would personally recommend are:

Opening Night featuring the Emerson String Quartet
Tuesday, July 22nd,  7:30pm, Koerner Hall
One of the greatest quartets of our time! Over the past three decades America’s Emerson Quartet boasts thirty acclaimed recordings, nine Grammys® (including two for “Best Classical Album”), three Gramophone Awards, the Avery Fisher Prize, Musical America’s “Ensemble of the Year”, and collaborations with many of the great artists of our time.  They launch the 2014 Festival with Beethoven’s Serioso Quartet, Britten’s String Quartet in C Major, Op. 36 and Schubert’s haunting Death and the Maiden.  The concert will be followed by a champagne reception in the lobby with the artists.

Romanticism to Modernity
Friday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m. at Walter Hall
A stellar group of musicians – Mark Fewer (violin), Axel Strauss (violin), Steven Dann (viola), Christopher Costanza (cello) and Pedja Muzijevic (piano) – perform richly textured chamber works by Berg, Bridge, Strauss and Schoenberg, from the pivotal period when Romanticism was giving way to modernity.

Tuesday, July 29 at 7:30 p.m. at Walter Hall
The Modern Age marked the birth of popular new idioms – jazz, calypso, and several dance forms including the tango, which took Europe by storm.  Soledad, protégés of the great Argentinean pianist Martha Argerich, is a group of superb chamber musicians (violin, piano, guitar, double bass, accordion) who perform an intriguing mix of traditional and Tango Nuevo styles.

Modigliani String Quartet
Wednesday, July 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Walter Hall
France’s electrifying Modigliani Quartet, featuring Philippe Bernhard (violin), Loïc Rio (violin), Laurent Marfaing (viola) and François Kieffer (cello) have been lauded as one of today’s best quartets in the world for their balance, transparency, and confident style. The Strad magazine praised them for giving “a gripping and persuasive performance, played with awesome individual and communal brilliance.” Their program includes Haydn’s Quartet in G Major, Op. 77, Bartók’s String Quartet No. 2, Op. 17, and Ravel’s String Quartet in F Major, one of the most widely performed chamber music works in the classical repertoire.

Russia After Revolution
Friday, August 1 at 7:30 p.m. at Walter Hall
This program features two of Canada’s superlative violinists, Jonathan Crow and Martin Beaver, performing the Prokofiev Duo for Two Violins.  They are joined by Paul Coletti (viola), Marc Coppey (cello) and Angela Cheng (piano) for Shostakovich’s dramatic Piano Quintet in G Minor Op. 57 and Vaughan Williams’ Phantasy Quintet.

Spotlight on the TSO
Thursday, August 7 at 7:30 p.m. at Walter Hall
TSO principals Jonathan Crow and Etsuko Kimura (violin), Eric Nowlin (viola), David Hetherington (cello), Yao Guang Zhai (clarinet) and special guests baritone Peter McGillivray and pianist David Louie perform a Viennese program featuring Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer and Waltzes by Strauss, all in brilliant arrangements by Schoenberg and Berg.

TSM Academy Art of Song Recitals
Friday, August 8 at 12:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. at Walter Hall
Each year, outstanding young singers and pianists from around the world audition for 12 coveted scholarships to TSM Academy.  After two weeks of intensive training in Toronto with internationally acclaimed French baritone François Le Roux and iconic pianist Graham Johnson, Alumni of the TSM Academy Art of Song program showcase their freshly honed skills in two recitals at Walter Hall.

The full Toronto Summer Music Festival schedule is available online. Festival, Weekly, Flex passes ($202 -$592), as well as, individual tickets ($20 to $99) are on sale now. To purchase festival passes and single tickets visit, call 416-408-0208 or visit the Weston Family Box Office at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

With so many great concert options, including some free events, there is no reason to miss out on the Toronto Summer Music Festival. I am looking forward to enjoying some music by Schubert, Mahler, Prokofiev, and of course, some Argentinian Tango as well. Summer, music, and good company, sounds like a great way to spend some quality time.

July 11, 2014

0 Poetry Corner: Siv Cedering - Help Me With The Buttons

Help Me With The Buttons
By Siv Cedering

Help me
the buttons

my body
the only clothing
I can possibly

-- from: Letters From The Floating World. Sid Cedering. University of Pittsburg Press. Pittsburg. 1984.

Siv Cedering (February 5, 1939 – November 17, 2007) was an award-winning Swedish-American poet, writer, and artist. She was the author of eighteen books plus four books of translations, she also was an exhibiting sculptor and painter, a book illustrator, and a writer of songs and TV programs for children. She appeared in Harper's, Science, Ms., The New Republic, Paris Review, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Partisan Review, and in approximately 200 anthologies and textbooks.

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